Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Hello Guys,

Valentine day – Most Romantic Day of the Year and most expensive also :P :)

Couples all over the world make it a day to spend together and have a romantic time. No doubt, there is nothing better than being with your lover on V-Day. On this day lovers give each other gifts,chocolates, etc. If you want to give gift to your girlfriend then here are some Valentine’s Gift Ideas. If you have long distance relationship then don’t be so sad you Even you can enjoy your valentine by sending some gifts,Flowers to her. You can also make online date with her. :P

Yes I know its high time for people to show their love to his/her beloved.You must be in pressure to find out that gift which makes your lady eye’s light up.Let me first tell you girls don’t want to feel sexy or want those gifts like dinner in five star hotel etc.But what they want is the gift which suits her personality,the gifts which actually interprets your love or your relation.In short which shows your concern for her.

It is also sometimes not difficult for a man to find a perfect valentine gift if he understands his lady,knows about her taste. Most of the women want some thoughtful gifts and even flowers makes them happy.If you have real feeling behind the gift but if you are giving just for the sake of formality that you have gift her because of valentine then even a diamond ring won’t make her happy.So gift her in a way she feel special.

Women also expects Valentine’s day would be the memorable one.This will be completed by gifts,love and romance.Men tries their best to make her happy on this day with love,romance.But think of doing something different that helps you to bring more love and improves your relationship to an extent.You all know women love gifts because they thinks its a way how one can show feelings to the other person.So its good to be on her expectation and make her happy with your gifts.

And still you think its getting difficult & not coming to a result that what should be the gift.So don’t you worry we have many ideas about the gift that you can present her.Check out cute and sweet valentine’s gift ideas for Girls

Top 10 Valentine’s gift ideas


We all know jewelry is the women’s best friend.So why don’t you go for this gift.Gifting her diamond necklace,diamond ring or a pendant would be something that will make her happy.Jewels wins any women heart other than any romantic gift so if were planning from long time to gift her a jewelry its the perfect time.But this gift is only for those who have money in pocket ;-) as I already said it is most expensive day :P

Valentine's gift ideas

Diamond Ring Expensive one


Now this is something which a women adore.They love to carry bags or pouch since it can carry all those things which she need all the time.Also it gives women a stylish look and shows her classy style.Give your mate a pouch but make sure that if she is brand conscious, gift her only the branded pouch.I guess this gift would be something which will be with her for long time and it will keep remind of you.

3.French Macrons:

If gifting jewelry is not your cup of coffee then don’t be sad we have lots more for you.French macrons is something which is not known to many.These are handmade varied flavor confectionery goodness which you can gift to your beloved.These melt in your mouth so if you thinking to gift other than box of chocolate you can go for this.


Women love perfumes rather when they dress up perfume is what they need at end.I guess without perfume they won’t step out of the house.So if your mate has some choice which she wants so desperately but couldn’t take it because of its price.You can go for this gift but remember gift only that which she loves not of your choice.


Some of the girls love poetry so much and some has favorite poet too.So you can go for those writer or if you want to give someone else i have a choice.You can go for original Spanish versions poems which are translated into English.But be careful while choosing poems because women has very selective taste so buy that one who has great love story and are of famous writer. Or Even you can also write poem for her.


Watches are the things which brings grace to one’s personality.Even some of the women’s love to wear it sometimes matching with dress or may be she love to wear.So gifting a watch would be great idea but it should be classy and standard one.

7.Romantic card with flowers:

This would be a good gift and affordable one too.You can gift a card which have some good lines written in it which shows your love,care and concern for her.But it should be accompanied with flowers since only a card would be something less.So go for this combination and propose her again ;-)

Valentine's gift ideas

Red Flower

8.Soft Toy:

We all know most women has a minimum of one soft toy to which she believes as a friend which is always with her.She even keep close to her while sleeping.So go for a cute and sweet Teddy so that it always remind of you always.Whenever she misses you,that teddy completes your absence. Kaash mein Teddy hota :P Girls hugs Teddy while sleeping. Hugging is very important in relationship you Know why? You Don’t ? Click here to Know Why Hugging is essential In Relationship

Valentine's gift ideas

Valentine gift -Teddy


Women love clothes a lot and even you can take them to shopping everyday,they won’t mind.Hence you gift her a nice and branded top but before you are going to meet on valentine’s day.You can also attach a slip with it telling her where she has to come for dinner or anything wearing that dress.

10.Printed Heart Cake:

Choose a cake of her favorite flavor but make sure that cake would be of a heart shape.Also you can have photo of you both printed on it,it will give a romantic feel and I bet she will love it.You can also present this gift if you go for a dinner or a surprise gift when she comes from a work.


Valentine's gift Ideas for girlfriend

Heart Shaped Valentine Cake

I hope till now you must have planned what are you going to buy for your beloved.Do not forget to put up your gift with some words that is propose her again going on your knees so as to make her happy and feel special. :-)

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Thank you

Enjoy your Valentine :)

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Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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  1. Rupali Gupta


    awesome list of Valentine day gifts and very well presentation. Here i want to give you an advise, i search your post in Google and unfortunately it ranked too late. The reason behind it is that there a huge competition on valentine gifts articles. everyone is writing like this ‘best valentine day gift for girlfriend’. So you must write something unique and should more characterized like best valentine day gift for every age under an fix amount or ‘cost effective and cheap budget gifts for girls.’
    Because peoples are choosy and more selective. They want everything in a budget range either it is a gift or a product for yourself.

    Anyway thanks for such a beautiful collection. keep writing like this but with sharpness.
    Rupali Gupta recently posted…Top 10 Punjabi Singer of 2014 with their latest songsMy Profile

    • R J

      Hello Rupali
      Thank you very much for being here.yes there is lot of competition on valentine gift article but I choose this article for my audience not for Search engine but I really appreciate you suggestion. I’ll look after you.
      Thank You so much again for suggesting me :)
      keep visiting
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  2. democracy definition

    I’m just dropping a comment to say that I did visit your page and I wanted you to know that your writing is not in vain and that I was here to read it. Writing increases your knowledge and knowledge is power . Keep up the good work. Visit my page

  3. Disha Sharma

    Hi Admin, Thanks for sharing this such a wonderful gift list to present Love partner on this Valentine’s Day. Well basically There is nothing new in this list all gift’s idea are same as we all have been looking for long time. We don’t have any choice to choose any new gift idea so I would like to choose Cake & Rose only.

  4. Christopher James

    Jewelry is the perfect gift for my girl on Valentine’s. Maybe an engagement ring? Hmmm.
    Christopher James recently posted…Ultimate Attraction GuideMy Profile

  5. nikhil ganotra

    Thanks… I am going to gift her a poem and a cake. :P

  6. vijay

    Bro…Hell of an article..your way of writing blogs is been improved alot.I d’nt have any girlfriend but if i had 1,I will surely gift her with a ring.

    • R J

      Hello Vijay
      Thanks a lot for complement but don’t lie to me. I know you have one…so enjoy with her and celebrate your valentine day with her. I will suggest you that give her a diamond ring :P ;)
      R J recently posted…How to Install WordPress Websites|Step by StepMy Profile

  7. Valentine Gift ideas for Girlfriend

    I think a ring would be the best Valentine gift for my girlfriend. She likes jewelry very much and I never gave here a ring before so I think that would be the best gift idea this Valentine. Thanks for the post.
    Valentine Gift ideas for Girlfriend recently posted…Valentine’s gift ideas for himMy Profile

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