Why hugging is important in a relationship

Why Hugging is important

The very first thing that comes to everyone mind is What do we have to do to keep a happy relationship.Every person have its own opinion but very percentage of people say cuddling with each other let us happy oftenly. Cuddling which means the best way to show your affection or in general sense if we state cuddling its HUGGING your partner.

Let me ask you how often you hug your partner?how many times you show your love,affection by giving a hug?.I guess you must be thinking yes when we hugged last time and finally you don’t remember it.This way of sharing your emotions with each other not only keeps you connected in a emotional way but with keeps you attached when you are not together.

A hug has lot of emotions attached to it,it can be caring,sweet,sensitive and even sexy.To a women Hug means a lot,you all know women loves teddy and they love to sleep embracing their teddy so just for instance think What if that teddy is replaced by you how protective,how loving she will feel.

Why hugging is important in a relationship

A Warm Hug

So a simple hug will change her emotions for you,she will feel strong with you which indeed will help her to be your side and gives you strength all the time.Now lets see what a hug matters to a guy or a man.When a man is feeling insecure,feeling frustrated,feeling stress-full, the only thing that is helpful is HUG.A one hug ends all his insecurity,frustration and stress.You will see how much relax he will feel after a hug from your side.

For a couples to have a long term relationship one should know the meaning of hug is.What a hug has so much meaning in a couple’s life.If we believe on facts Hugging is a kind of body language which transfers the affection and it is believed that hugging can say more that what words can’t. If you don’t have word to say just give hug to her or him.

It also removes the differences and helps to cover the gap between couple.Most of the person thinks its important to have physical relation to keep relation grow but is it everything to keep your relation grow or is it seriously the thing which actually keeps relation grow.The answer is BIG NO,to have a exponential relation i.e. to let your closeness grow one should have intimacy which can be achieved by a simple hug and if your intentions are clear you will see how good it feels,how attached you feel.

Why hugging is important in a relationship

Just give me One Hug

If we see our day to day life now the time life is so stress full,full of anxiety one should have a correct partner who helps you out to stay happy but if you are emotionally attached to your partner which can only be achieved by cuddling,showing affection one can have a happy life so when we are under stress in our daily lives,hugging is something really important.

Now if we talk Biologically its proven that when you in having physical intimacy through cuddle or hug your body produces a hormone called OXYTOXIN which actually makes you feel good and relaxed so that you have a positive attitude towards life.

It also helps you to counter any negative vibe and also to make your environment happy.Also the people around you would like to have your company and will enjoy it so the every consequence of it would be in favor of you.

Hug actually forces you to be out of your social and public life and to enter in your some personal moments.It lets you connect emotionally and spiritually joined.

It basically makes you stop from whatever you are doing and invest your all interest,affection in your mate.That time every word other person say means something to you and at that time not only you are opening yourself rather making your relation grow.It makes you to understand your partner.The hug opens the path for the exchange of your thoughts,exchange of your love.

On funny side its free ;-) not of any cost and in turn what you get Your relation alive.

So after reading this article just think for a while have you ever thought about this and try to do it once you will see in a Magical world u enters :-)

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  1. Rohit Batra

    Hugging is the most beautiful part of any relationship. It may be considered as jaadu ki jhappi because when you hug your lover… you will get so much relaxation.. you cant even tell…
    thanks for providing such an amazing article..


  2. Rupali Gupta

    Consider this point “helps to cover the gap between two couples” and correct it.
    Anyway such a creative thought,I can’t imaging that an article can create on a hug. obviously hug says a lot of things which we cant express in words.

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