5 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

Most of the people think that being overweight is not good but gaining weight through healthy diet is the secret behind the healthy body. Everybody might think it easy to gain weight by taking all fried, oily and fatty stuffs. But these are the not the healthy food. The most important thing is to stick with the food which is rich in calories and nutrients. Following are 5 ways to gain weight fast:

5 Ways to Gain Weight Fast

1.Eat after every four hours:

A body needs a continuous supply of energy for building of muscles. When we skip meals we deprive our body from the fuel that is needed to run it. The best way to prevent our body from losing the important tissues is to regularly eat meals. If you trying to gain muscles, meal timing is especially critical.

5 Ways to Gain Weight

Eat fruits

2.Eat several foods at one time:

One should aim at taking three or four foods at a time. Fruits, dry fruits, whole grains, butter and milk are the broader source of nutrients to work with daily life. Cheese is also rich in calories.

A single cheddar cheese contains around 69 calories. On the other hand peanut butter is a rich source of proteins and it can be a wonderful choice for the people who are trying to gain weight. One can take 100 per-cent of fruit juice full of sugar and added nutrients. Moreover oatmeal is a perfect nutritious breakfast that is high in fibre and vital nutrients.

5 Ways to Gain Weight killer tips


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3.Take dairy products:

One should take milk the whole day. We can add our desirable flavour to it. A big glass of Chocolate milk is high in calories. Milkshakes and other smoothies are delicious high calorie drinks which help to put on weight fast.

4.Take a lot of rest:

Nutritionists say that eating more calories and the weight training will give good results only if we take appropriate amount of rest. At least eight hours of sleep a single night is necessary for an adult. It helps in muscle building. During sleeping, the process of muscle building is much faster than the daytime. So after taking nutritious food, one should go to rest so that body will get expand.

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5.Stay consistent:

One of the biggest problems with maintaining a healthy weight is consistency. If one is doing a lot practice for gaining weight and suddenly go back to the old habits, this will ruin all the hard work done in the past. So in order to attain weight one should not leave the weight training after getting the desired weight. Consistency is must. We suggest them to make a consistent goal so that further problems will not occur.

The right combination of healthy food, good exercise, right breathing, rest and sleep will go long way to happier and healthier life. Once gained weight, one should realize how the naturally thin body will look more toned and curved at the right places.

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5 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

5 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

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  1. Aravind Gilkinja

    Most wanted post. We can see lots of tips for reducing weight. But as I want to gain some weight this is very helpful to me.

  2. Rohit

    Awesome ways to gain weight buddy…!!! I really appreciate your hardwork towards writing quality posts…


  3. David Ryan

    Eat fats. LOL. That’s the fastest way to gain weight. Just watch your cholesterol.
    David Ryan recently posted…Top Ten Biggest College Football StadiumsMy Profile

  4. Rupali Gupta

    thanks for the tips, all these tips are familiar to me. I am perfect, no needed for these tips but want to share my experience here, just from few days a am sleeping a lot and the result i feel that i am gaining weight further it can be due to stress free mind and happiness.

    I want to add more here to gain weight if we prefer rice, bread, Maggie, cereal, rice, whole wheat in place of fruits it will definitely increase in weight. The person wana get weight Use milk in place of water in hot cereals, soups and other liquids. One more thing Don’t drink water in between or before the meal because it will be result of loosing weight.

    anyway keep sharing these health and trend tricks for us.

  5. naveen kumar rajput

    Very important and helpful post for me .From many days i were worry about my health but now i got the answer and after following above ways i surely gain wait.A big thanks to the author of this blog. I like this website a lot.

  6. Rahul Sharma

    I want to gain some wait, i can try all except Non-veg. I will try above things in my life and lets see if it helps.
    Rahul Sharma recently posted…WIFI HOTSPOT SOFTWAREMy Profile

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