Americans and our “Exercise Routines”

To Run or Not to Run…


Here is a pretty sad fact: Over half of those who actually start a new exercise program will stop it within three to six months. The reason isn’t a mystery – people are just lazy.

It isn’t our fault either. Evolution has caused us to have a strong instinct to avoid any type of unneeded exertion. If you want to have a good exercise habit, then you need to overcome that instinct.

The good news is that in the most recent years, the exercise psychology field has managed to come up with plenty of effective tricks that will help us do this and here are 2 of them.

Finding the Right Fit
Most beginner exercisers will make the mistake of letting a fitness facility, personal trainer or some other type of influence choose their main form of exercise for them. Most often, this results in a poor fit. Studies have shown that people are actually more likely to stick with their exercise routine when they select an activity that they like.
There are plenty of effective forms of exercise such as walking, tennis, swimming, bicycling, weightlifting, running, basketball, yoga, etc. The best one for you is the one that you enjoy enough to actually stick with.

Removing the No-Time Excuse
Another important thing is scheduling. The lack of time happens to be the most cited reason for failure. According James Annesi, Ph.D. and author of Enhancing Exercise Motivation, recent studies have suggested that those who stick to an exercise program don’t actually have any leisure time that is available on daily basis when compared to the dropouts.
Instead of starting each day with the intention to exercise, plan to exercise for a certain time and plan it 24 hours in advance. These tips below can help you to fit in a workout even for the busiest schedules:
• Find other ways to reduce waste from your schedule. Consider moving closer to your workplace to reduce your commute time.
• Reduce the amount of time you watch TV
• Select an activity that you are able to do anywhere and anytime like jogging
• Got to bed 30 minutes earlier and then exercise first thing the morning.
• Find a way to work out during your lunch break.
• Buy home exercise equipment like an elliptical trainer.
• Combine your workouts with other daily activities, like walking while doing errands.

You have the right to stay skinny, weak, or fat. But, you should know that each workout that you miss can and will be used against you to make your muscles smaller, weaker, your belly bigger, and your life so much shorter. Unfortunately, most of us Americans are not exercising.

Recent studies by the National Center for Health Statistics have shown that only 19% of the population normally engages in high levels of physical activity and that is defined as three intense 20 minute workouts weekly.

Another 63%, around the same exact percentage of Americans that are overweight, truly believe that if they would exercise it would make them leaner, less stressed, and healthier but they just don’t exercise. The root of this issue is lack of motivation.

The Older Generation will always be “Right”

Our everyday lives and the rest…

We go through our whole lives hearing the older generation preaching to us their experiences and how we should change the way we currently carry ourselves, based on their life experiences.  From what to eat or not to eat to what exercises are worth doing and others that are not so great.

We are often so blindsided from our own ignorance of thinking that we know it all, and deep inside we know that we should be listening but yet we carry ourselves unconsciously as know it all’s.  From all the knowledge we have now in days, from the wide range of different topics in the many choices of books in the library to the huge information available in the famous “internet”.  You can now type whatever your hearts desires in a search engine, and I mean ANYTHING, that you will have an answer, or information at least.  Now in days, there is no possible way to NOT to know something about anything, unless you choose to be “ignorant” and basically lie to yourself.

There are a few people from the younger generation that somehow are able to surpass the whole being “let us not listen to the elderly”, or at least someone who has been there and done that.  Those are the lucky ones, or blessed ones that somehow are ahead of the game.  They start eating correctly from early on, they start providing their bodies with the right nutrients and have the extra energy that everyone wants but hardly no one has, not because these small group of individuals are hiding a secret, but because they choose to listen, read, analyze and ACT.  With all the fast food out there, and restaurants and take outs that are so extremely accessible to anyone at any time, it becomes so easy to just grab and go instead of making it from scratch.  One must remember, or maybe learn that if you organize your schedule to making nutritious food from scratch, you don’t actually have to live in your kitchen (although living in your kitchen would be deliciously and conveniently awesome) you can cook maybe one or two days a week only and have “fast” food anytime of the day or night, as you wish…just pop it in the microwave or in the stove to warm it up and voila!

Life has become such a rush, such a train ride that either you jump in the wagon while it’s moving or you miss your chance.  People now in days are too busy, too tired or too of anything and everything to stop and smell the roses, or just roll around the carpet at home and feel blessed that they have a warm and safe place to cuddle.  Talk about carpet, even though relaxing at your carpet sounds such like an easy task, make sure the carpet is clean from harmful materials (just an older generation giving an old timers advise).  Try this place to give you a green, no chemical clean so that when you are rolling around happy about how life is a tremendous gift, you too are giving yourself the cleanest air possible.

Have you realize the best way to cure yourself ?

So many people don’t not realize the fact that the truth it has always being in front of them and they ignore it or do not think that the solution can be as simple as it really is. Most of the sickness and illness suffer in society now days are because two main reasons; the first one the nutrition and the second one is lack of exercise.


Bad nutrition most of the times starts at an early age with our parents 100% immerse in a rat race from 9 to 5 with such of ritual usually starting a 7 am in the morning if not early and ending at 7 pm at night.

Until you stop and take notice of the situation you are already doing the same things to your kids, your parents did not have the time to make you a good and nutritious breakfast.

Because they were running to take you to school or the daycare and go to work, them at school either they tried to give the best food available and of course, you do not like it and wait impatiently to get some fast food full of sodium out there.

Then when your parents come back home they do not have time to prepare a nutritious dinner base on vegetables, good proteins and mineral and they bring to the house a ready to eat pizza.

My dad was a really good electrician for a long time, and he always try to bring us the most healthy food available but most of the time he was getting home late because he became part owner of the electrical company he worked for 20 years.

I remember him bring it us healthy eat and my mom making good turkey hamburgers, but when my father started working crazy hour at the company and my mom had to take more hours at his job the junk food started coming in and therefore our health going bad

It got to the point when I gained30 pounds in one summer and the only days we had the chance or the courage to exercise we wasted the time going to the movies instead of doing sports and run around the way we were supposed to.

It’s hard to say but now we are paying the consequences of not exercising, eating junk food and live under the influence of a rat race that will never end unless we decide and go to the pain of realizing that we are the only ones that have the power to change our lives and our health.

Today I have lost 72 pounds and have been living a healthy life since my health took a deep into sickness with ultra-high cholesterol levels and more that 100 Lbs. over weight.

Sometimes in life is good to have some health problems and of course wake up ON TIME and realized that your life is in jeopardy. That’s when start noticing how sick and unhealthy you are and if you don’t do something beneficial for yourself, you family is the one that suffer the consequences at the end of the day